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Break the rules when hanging Art

July 11, 2017

When it comes to hanging art, perfect placement is a thing of the past. There are a number of “rules” you can follow to help yourself along, but if you adhere to tradition too much, it will look—well, it will look like you’re adhering to tradition. So embrace your inner delinquent and go a little bit rogue. The most interesting wall arrangements are unexpected, inventive, and at least a little bit irreverent (hopefully more than less). The following rules will lead the way to more wonderful results when you break them. So get going, you rebel you.

A Crooked Painting Makes You a Failure. A selection of photographs can be stuck on the wall in off-kilter positions, for a cloudlike arrangement, and a traditional piece like a portrait or map can be hung deliberately at an angle—the trick is just to be sure it’s akimbo enough, so that nobody mistakes it as accidentally crooked!  Read More



Dwelling Better than Ever!

June 14, 2016

As you may have heard Dwelling ran a Must Vacate Sale in the month of May. WE ARE NOT OUT OF BUSINESS! We cleared out of our second floor and are now operating on one level only. We have redirected our brand and are aimed at bringing the best in design services to those in the Greater Philly Area. We appreciate all of our clients who took advantage of the sale and now invite everyone to come back and see the great things happening at Dwelling. We have brought in new products, increased our design and staging packages, and are so excited to get to work making your interior dreams come true. Stop by today or email info@dwelling.com to learn to more.


New Urbia Product Hit the Showroom

June 3, 2016

Dwelling is still in the process of vacating our second floor but we have new and exciting things happening here.

One of our favorite brands Urbia has new upholstery pieces that just hit our floor and we cannot get enough of them.

See below for the new Miles Bench. It comes in an awesome geometric fabric and solid stainless steel frame.


They are sleek, stylish, and priced amazingly. You like that Mid-Century look and a very firm feel… than you will love these. 




This piece is cute as can be it measures at only 50 inches so it is perfect for those tight little spaces.


Here is just one more new addition. It is comfy, darling, and makes a real statement in any room!


Stop by this weekend to check out some of our new inventory and see what is going on in Dwelling.

Please do not forget we are closed on Sunday due to the Bike Race.

Best of Manayunk … Celebrate with US!

April 12, 2016

Manayunk Magazine held a cocktail party on Thursday March 24th for the “best of” for all of the businesses in Manayunk. It was a really fun night with great food and entertainment.  Many restaurants from Manayunk prepared appetizers and even created Manayunk themed cocktails. The cheese steak dumplings from Kildare’s were my personal favorite!

Dwelling was up for the award of best furniture and WE WON! Many thanks to all of our customers and clients who voted for us! We love being a part of Manayunk. Also special thanks to the Manayunk Magazine that put on such a memorable event. The party had a very big turnout and it was great to converse with other businesses in Manayunk and the general public.

 All the proceeds for the event benefited North Light Community Center and Starfinder Foundation.  North Light Community Center has served the Manayunk-Roxborough community for 80 years through afterschool programs, summer camps, teen development programs, community classes and bi-weekly food  cupboards. Starfinder Foundation gives children and teens from inner city communities the chance to use soccer as a means to learn social values, life skills, and help reach their fullest potential both on and off the field.

Best of manyaunk-POPup #2

Best of Manayunk

Mid-Century Modern…What Goes Around, Comes Around

April 4, 2016

It it so interesting if you follow furniture,  how cyclical this industry is.

We have all been surprised when we look into a home store and see a piece of furniture that could have been in our grandmother’s home twenty years earlier and it is in the center of a showroom being dubbed as the newest and greatest.


On the left a denim jacket from 1980 and on the right, a denim jacket today.

Just like jean jackets go in and out of style pretty consistently furniture too tends to recycle pieces from previous time periods. You may mix and match with different fabrics or materials but the lines, frame, and attitude generally stay the same.

Check out these “Chesterfield” sofas below to see what I mean.

On the left, the Chesterfield sofa from 1880 in traditional distressed brown leather and on the right, the same style shown in 2015 brochure.

The second picture introduces more transitional elements that make the couch and room feel completely different.

Below are two images of very similar chairs also showing the continuity in furniture design throughout the decades.




On the left, a 1960 Presidential Club Design and on the right the a piece from our Urbia collection.

In the Dwelling Showroom this month we are focusing on Mid-Century Modern Pieces like the chair pictured above.  Now through April 30th, Take 25% OFF Mid-Century Modern selections.

Stop by today and pick up something extraordinary to make your space unique pulling in various styles and periods.







It’s Raaaaaining Bernhardt!

March 22, 2016

With its classic lines- attention to detail- and gorgeous finishes Bernhardt Products transform any room into a true statement.

The Miramount Bedroom Collection shown below landed in our showroom recently and it is a definite hit.

The bed is a nice complement to a room that is trying to be masculine in a glamorized way.



The Salon Collection shown below has also been recently added to our floor and its simple dainty lines make your breakfast nook look like a movie scene.


Finally, you asked and we DELIVERED! Dwelling Home now carries Bernhardt Sofas and they could not look any better.


Bernhardt has so many luxurious fabrics to choose from and the options for customization are truly endless.

Dwelling has been flooded with Bernhardt products this year and we can not wait to see you in our showroom and tell you all about them.

Philadelphia Style Spring 2016 Interior Motives

March 16, 2016

Interior Motives 

Transform your home with the help of DWELLING’s Complimentary Design Services…just in time for Spring!

Philly Style Edit

Let’s Meet for Drinks!

March 10, 2016

Let’s Meet for Drinks……with how amazing Dwelling’s Sleeper Sofas are – you will want to meet for EVERYTHING on them!

With city living we have to cram a LOT of job functions into our pieces of furniture and rooms must become great at multitasking because space is not readily available.

I just helped a client design their city apartment and the second bedroom needed to be an office and guest bedroom for when his friends or family crash.

You do not want a bed in your office… it does not exactly promote hard work when you could just lay down a foot away on your guest bed.

Plus you want all the bookshelves and trinkets which do help you focus and if you have a bed taking up all that space you can not have them.

The solution?   Sleep Sofas

Dwelling carries a few different brands and offers something for every budget.

Comfort Sleepers by American Leather come in 14 different frames to satisfy every single style taste bud and are available in leather or fabric.

Vanguard offers a custom program that you allows you to pick between three different frames, separate leg options, and some arm details. They also give you a few mattress choices.

Image result for vanguard sleeper sofa

Rowe offers a nice assortment of frames and fabrics at a friendly starting price point.


Each vendor offers multiple mattress options as well as size and configurations.

This month only we are having a sale on select sleep sofa frames. Come and check out our location and start sleeping better or offering your guests better sleep.

Random Fact:

Did you know that 12% of people dream only in black in white?

Let’s Eat Dining Solutions

February 26, 2016

From a casual breakfast nook to an extravagant dining room Dwelling Home has all your solutions for the time when you say Let’s Eat! Just like the food we prepare, the options for materials, shapes, and sizes of dining tables are truly endless. Check out some of our favorites below and Bon Appetit!

Mosaic Tablemosaic Table 2

 The Barnsley Table by Bernhardt is like a masterpiece in itself. The attention to detail on each little tile laid perfectly in this ornate pattern is truly exquisite. This is the perfect setting for a candlelit dinner and some gorgeous white roses.


Fancy and Fussy not really your style? Then try the Origin table by Trica. This beauty can be customized in ten different metal leg finishes, eight glass top options, as well as almost ten wood top options. It is clean lines, tons of space, and functionality at its finest. You can dress it up with your chairs or make it more streamline with a simple bench as shown above.

atlantic dining tableWant something totally unique….. Then we have the Atlantic Dining Table by Urbia just for you. This stately table combines both natural and industrial cues and is definitely a piece to start the conversations over.

Whatever you like for Dining Furniture come stop by Dwelling Home this weekend and we will find you the perfect match.

Hurry in because through the end of February we have a promotion on our dining.

Something Old – Something NEW – Something Borrowed – Something Blue

February 5, 2016

In accordance with this month celebrating love, Dwelling wanted to create a reading nook with that in mind.  Here is our rendition on something old – SOMETHING NEW – something borrowed and something blue.

Vintage Chair                                                                                                       

Something Old……This classic leather chaise is a great starting piece. It has an old familiar feel with comfort and camel coloring of the leather. It truly is the perfect piece to get all snuggled up on with a good glass of red wine and a great book.









Something New…This gorgeous chandelier sparkles like a piece of jewelry and allows the perfect amount of lighting for any occasion.  Don’t worry, the newness of this light will not wear off with its adjustable chain you can create a new look constantly.

crank table










Something Borrowed… This crank side table borrows its industrial look from machinery in old factories.  It is a perfect compliment to the feel of the leather chaise and just like the chandelier chain the height of the table can be adjusted.


Something Blue

Something Blue…This is one of my favorite things to do in design – take simple classic pieces and mix them with a graphic impact.  Because this rug is blue it does lend to the simplicity of the other pieces, however the noise of the pattern really adds a nice punch of excitement. In addition the rug and chandelier both have cool geometric lines and them being opposite each other in the space create a nice synergism.

Furniture is supposed to be fun! You should have a purpose and a story behind what you put in your house. We would LOVE to see your renditions of something old-new-borrowed- and blue.

                                                      Stop by our showroom and see all of our NEW items!











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